Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The regimen

A number of people have asked me about the regimen I'm following. Essentially it's this: High alkalai diet, vinegar and probiotics. So I eat a mix 80/20% alkalizing to acidifying foods. Basically the stuff that we all know is good for us. Fresh greens and raw or lightly steamed veggies--broccoli is especially alkalizing. Fruits in moderation because of the sugar content but interestingly some acidic fruits are actually alkalizing when digested. Lots of almonds and macadamia nuts but only those two. Small portions of white meat of chicken or turkey. Light white fish. No sugar. No yeast. No dairy. So no booze, or candy or leavened bread. Grain cereals are slightly acidifying so I eat the grasses like shredded wheat with raisins on top. Almond milk.

Twice a day I down 2 probiotic pills then 2 oz of Bragg's Organic Red Apple Cider Vinegar sweetened with stevia and diluted with 5 oz of water. It contains malic acid which is reputed to be the deadly enemy of cancer. I'm also taking 850 mg of malic acid each day as a supplement.

Supplements are a whole other story. I've been cramming to give myself an education and have the help of a new friend who owns a nutriceutical company. I'm learning about GSH and SOD and Old Amish dewormer. No kidding that's what it's called.

I'm told by my homeopathic homey that the only people who don't do well on this regimen are those who think they are healed and quit or those who can't stick to it. Today one of my colleagues at Stagen really made my day when he told me that he thought I had the self-discipline to stick to it. The fact is I feel great for long periods now. In fact, fair warning, I've taken to answering the casual "how are you?" with a cheery: "Great! Except for this terminal cancer thing."

I love you all,